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Shinetech Localisation

The global expansion of mobile app stores makes it possible for millions of mobile apps to become globally available. Even if your target audience understands both language and content in the app, the user context and user behaviour pattern, which are influenced by culture and value, varies substantially from country to country. Therefore, localising your app for different mobile user segments should be considered a top priority whilst you have access to a global market and to target app users’ worldwide.

A small investment in localization drives millions of downloads

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Shinetech App Localisation

Mobile app localisation is not simply translating the app content into local language. When localising an app for a specific market, core elements such as app design and user experience can’t be ignored. Specialising in mobile app and web app localisation in the Chinese market, we dip your brand strategies and business objectives into best localisation practice. For those enterprises who are globally-presented and plan to use their app or website to expand business in China, rather simply translate the content into local language, we start with a comprehensive analysis of your target language as well as locales and in-depth research on your major user behaviour. Followed by a design adjustment and functionality optimisation, your app will be facilitated with highest-quality localised user experience. Through years of continuous innovation in app localisation and a deep dive into technology capabilities, we are proud of delivering projects on the fulfilment of clients’ requirements and building long-term partnership with both global enterprises and innovative startups across different industries.

Localisation Solutions

Android Localisation

By localising, you can grow your user base and maximize your app’s distribution potential with the help of Google Play worldwide. We offer full localisation services in Android applications for both smartphones and tablets. Covering major tasks throughout the whole development lifecycle, our Android localisation specialists help identify all the key aspects needed to get your application ready for the successful local launches on Google Play.

iOS Localisation

By localising, you can grow your user base and maximize your app’s distribution potential with the help of App Store worldwide. We offer full localisation services in iOS applications for iPhone, Mac and iPad. Covering major tasks throughout the whole development lifecycle, our iOS localisation specialists help identify all the key aspects needed to get your application ready for successful local launches on App Store.

Web Localisation

As a globally presented company, we speak your language. With over 500 successful projects based on seamless communication across international operation teams, we provide a wide range of localisation services for every type of international communication. Possessing a wealth of experience in education, Ecommerce and hospitality industry, our web localisation services cover:

● International website development

● Translation of website content, documentation and user manuals

● Localisation of Global Ecommerce web portal (Product Catalogue, UI, Payment)

● Localisation of online training programmes and eLearning courses

Our Localisation Process

Analyse target markets

The first step is to conduct a comprehensive analysis on your target markets and user segment. Country, locale, language and user interaction patterns with products are four crucial factors in our pilot research. As a result of this process, our business analysts will pivot your localisation potential and unique competitive advantages in the target markets.

Research on target user behaviour
Research on locales
Leve of product-market fit
Cost estimation

Resources Setup

Resources are data files installed in an app. These resources include video, image and graphical content that are not code. By moving these resources out of the code and integrate them into external files, we ensure every version of resource file is compatible with supported languages. This helps to easily manipulate these assets without risking changing codes. Followed by resource externalisation, we keep maintaining default resources.

String externalisation
Default resources maintenance


Text tends to expand in length and height when translating from English sentences. Spaces, button and menu may need to be resized while localising app content. We use a single set of flexible layouts for the language the app supports and create alternative layouts when specific language is needed. For those countries where right-to-left scripts are employed, we provide dedicated support for RTL layouts and text display for both Android and iOS apps.

Flexible layout implementation
Right-to-left layouts and text display
System-provided formats implementation


Involving context into the translation process makes a remarkable difference in terms of user experience and content quality. Because of our rich experience of app localisation in the Chinese market, we pay particular attention to learning how the Chinese user interacts with different app products, which provides us with sufficient context information for declared strings and helps us map out the content that should not be translated. This enables us to offer a reliable and efficient translation for our clients.


Running test is the final step prior to the launch of the localised app. We conduct both functional testing and linguistic testing on the devices common in the target market to ensure that there are no localisation issues in the formatting, layout, translation and presentation. Additionally, our beta test brings real feedback from local users to assist us in reviewing if users can perform all actions they intended.

Functional testing
Beta testing

App Listing

A successful launch of a localised app does not stop at the testing phase of the development cycle. We also take care of the store listing. Since app listing is the first impression your target users get while browsing the app store, we will highlight the merit of the app in the local language in order to make your app stand out.

App description
Images &
App marketing

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Who We Work With

The world's leading companies, startups, innovative entrepreneurs and incubators.

Frimley Health
NHS Foundation Trust

“We are grateful to Barts Health and Shinetech for developing iPDF and sharing this innovative technology with us. It is great to see that the enhancement requests are implemented quickly and shared with other NHS Trusts. The iPDF system can also be used as an “E-Assessment Passport” as the records are available to other NHS Trusts.”

Claire Quinn

Head of Learning and Organisational Development at Frimley Health NHS
Foundation Trust

Barts Health
NHS Trust

“Shinetech Europe has done an exceptional job of developing Interactive PDF for Barts Health NHS Trust. iPDF was delivered on time and on budget within 6 months of the Trust commissioning the product. iPDF is revolutionising the way our 16,000 staff complete their statutory and mandatory training. Barts Health NHS Trust has no hesitation in recommending Shinetech to the NHS.”

Jo Kobyluch

Associate Director of Education Academy at Barts Health NHS Trust

GolfScore LIVE

“From an initial idea Shinetech really helped me bring the product to life. You were instrumental in helping translate golf into technology in a simple way that everyone is now getting to enjoy.”

Christopher Cade

Founder of GolfScore-Live

Track Day Genius

“…Shinetech project manager is a true collaborator and central asset to the TDG team, often accompanying the stakeholders to Track events, to fully understand the user behavior and thus their expectations. Importantly, your project manager is not pretentious and is eager for team participation and feedback, a trait that is admirable and appreciated.”

Kofi Brenya

Product Manager at Track Day Genius


“ impressed I am with the product and everyone who is/has been involved in its creation! I have played around with it this morning and find it mega cool - restaurants will love this! I'm really proud of being part of such a cool team with such a top dollar product.”

Christopher Persson

President of Livebookings

Electronic Shipping Solutions

“The Shinetech team provide ESS with an outsourced team which collaborates effectively and efficiently with London based internal architecture, development and quality assurance functions. The technical capabilities, and commitment of the shinetech team provide ESS a development capacity expansion which enables our wider business goals. Predictable results are a key enabler in any SDLC, Shinetech are an excellent partner to achieve this. ”

Michael Hayes

CTO of Electronic Shipping Solutions


If you are not satisfied: The cost of the latest iteration (two weeks at most) will be waived if client is not satisfied with the deliverables and notifies Shinetech within 1 week.

Depending on your requirements, the contract can be project-based, prioritized user story-based and workload-based. All types of contract can be cancelled within 10 working days if you are not satisfied with our performance or staff.

Our competitive rates, together with high successful rate of project delivery ensure that you can benefit from our high quality deliverables in a cost-efficient way.

A free consultation with our industry specialist is available. We will respond within one business day with a further evaluation regarding your requirements.

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