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Shinetech UK: 2017 Year in Review & Look Ahead

With the year 2017 winding down, it’s the time to recall the extraordinary moment we have been through and make a proper plan for the upcoming year. As a convention, it’s also the time for Shinetech to craft our year-end retrospective. Taking a look back at the milestones and achievements that shaped our exceptional year, our movement not only resides in traditional business segments, such as bespoke software development services and mobile app development services, but also withstands the promising service expansion to AI and IoT sectors. Whilst seeing the considerable growth in the number of our global delivery team, we are also proud of keeping strong performance in continually providing premium digitisation strategy consulting and project management services for Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

The highlights below are all key factors driving our fantastic momentum of 2017.

 Shinetech Software is taking a look back at the year 2017 and introduces the successful stories in bespoke software development, mobile app development and business growth.

Highlights of 2017 at Shinetech Software UK Team


1. Established a new solution partnership with Magento


Offering bespoke software development services for more than 60 e-commerce companies in 2017, our development expertise in Magento has laid a solid foundation for building agile, flexible and secure online marketplace that can transform the way customers shop and engage with business owners. With Magento’s highly customizable and scalable commerce platform, we aim to help more business create unique and personalized shopping experiences to increase customer loyalty and drive more sales across both B2B and B2C channels in 2018.

2. A local development team dedicated to delivering digital solutions for NHS


Working closely with Barts Health NHS Trust and Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust in developing products to digitise the mandatory and statutory training for NHS staff, our London-based project team successfully completed the two web application projects in the past 6 months. Starting with user behaviour analysis, the on-site team conducted user journey simulation and drafted use case before coming up with product design. Considering the user profile and use cases, the design is intuitive that makes the whole website easy to navigate and user-friendly. Thanks for rounds of feedback shared by our clients, the product is being continuously optimised for better user experience and functions. The site receives more than 500 visits on average each day in post launch phase and our team is tremendously endorsed by these two Trusts when it comes to the quality of deliverables, fast response towards clients’ requirements and proactive thinking during the development process. Bringing in more user insights and technology advances in the healthcare industry, we aim to continue offering high quality digitisation strategy consulting and product development services for more Trusts this year.

3. Business expansion in AI and IoT


The acquisition of a Data Mining start-up poses a great influence on our business strategies in data intelligence and business analytics. Its flagship product has been widely used by international renowned NHS hospitals to provide actionable insight in NHS Trust Electronic Staff Record (ESR) HR system data. Additionally, the data mining algorithm produces a set of rules, which can be examined in several ways. Donald Michie, a pioneer in the creation of artificial intelligence and former code breaker at Bletchley Park, coined the term “human window” for such a set of rules, because he felt they gave a human view of the meaning locked in otherwise obscure data. With the assistance of AI and technologies, Shinetech shall be adding more features such as a training cost modelling tool in partnership with a leading NHS Foundation Trust, and an artificial intelligence tool in partnership with another leading NHS Foundation Trust and a major University. Since Shinetech is already working on transformative digitisation projects in collaboration with Barts Health NHS Trust at The Royal London Hospital, which together with St Bartholomew's Hospital, is Europe’s biggest and oldest hospital, a series of digital products involving AI technologies will be further developed to better accommodate customers’ needs in healthcare in the upcoming year.


On the other hand, our IoT development centres invested heavily in research and technologies, enhancing their service capabilities across consumer products, healthcare and smart homes in the year of 2017.

With a group of senior full stack developers who gain a better understanding of the emerging technologies, our services and expertise ensure that the product shall enable a “smart” life for each client.

4. Our first London Corporate Badminton Competition Championship


Here at Shinetech, we believe “Great software starts with great people.” Our people are the most critical component in Shinetech’s delivery capability. By creating a cooperative and inspirational working culture, work-life balance has been considerably adopted as Shinetech ethos. Enrolled in the final of London Corporate Badminton Competition, Shinetech UK team, together with another seven companies attended the competition at Barclaycard Arena Birmingham on March. Along with Shinetech’s first title, Brit Insurance came runner-up and followed by CIMA and ARGUS software.

A little bit more


2017 was a great year for Shinetech UK. From getting listed on Clutch as top mobile developers to participating GoPro developer programme, these milestones marked us brilliant and made us highly recognised by our clients. To kick off 2018 with bigger ambitions in business growth, Shinetech Software is committed to providing premium software development services that could add value to your digitisation competitive advantage.

As one of the leading digital solution companies in the UK, Shinetech has rich expertise in digital strategy consulting, mobile app development and bespoke software development. We serve as a reliable IT partner to help our clients achieve their digital transformation. Contact us at +44 20 3170 8428 today to book a free consultation and let us know how we can help you.

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