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13th Feb 2019
As digital transformation becomes a norm rather than the exception for most businesses in post digital era, companies ....
A Mobile E-Assessment App for Barts Health NHS Trust
23rd August 2018
Operating from four major hospital sites (The Royal London, St Bartholomew’s, Whipps Cross and Newham) and a number of ....
Five Steps to a Successful Project Exploratory Discussion
16th July 2018
Operating from four major hospital sites (The Royal London, St Bartholomew’s, Whipps Cross and Newham) and a number of ....
Three Common Barriers to Digital Transformation
27th June 2018
Emerging technologies, increasingly creating a seamless customer experience, and the continuous quest for business process....
Build an Online Learning Microsite for Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust
30th May 2018
Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust serves local communities with a range of quality health services. With an aim of becoming....
3 Key Digital Trends to Watch in 2018
28th Apr 2018
Tapping into bright minds across all our product development disciplines such as user persona creation, product feature analysis,....
An Introduction to Shinetech New Cooperation Model
8th Apr 2018
Recognized as a trustworthy business partner for providing IT consulting and bespoke software development service worldwide since 2001....
Video and Performance Made Simple, it’s GENIUS!
25th Jan 2018
Track Day Genius is the best in class ‘In your pocket’ data visualizer, for lap timing and performance analysis for....
Why You Need Global Developer Staff Augmentation
22nd Jan 2018
Traditional project outsourcing and technical staff hiring no longer fit for companies who take great initiatives in applying technical expertise....
Agile Delivery at Shinetech
16th Oct 2017
As a leading software development partner in the UK, Shinetech has adopted a new outsourcing model by tapping Agile....
Five Traits of Shinetech Agile Delivery Manager
6th Oct 2017
As an early adopter of Agile development method, Shinetech incorporates key agile principles of “build, analyse, learn and improve” into our operations on a day-to-day basis.....
How to Create Effective Website Usability Testing (II)
22nd Sept 2017
Since website usability is one of the most critical components that help you achieve the goals you would like ...
Agile Team Story: 6 Ingredients for Effective Project Meetings
19th Sept 2017
Ever felt demotivated and bored, or asked yourself, why am I even here, at meetings that drone on and on? Ever thought ...
How to Create Effective Website Usability Testing (I)
22nd Aug 2017
The idea of doing usability testing is simple: just to ensure that the digital product you have developed is easy enough to use whilst ...
Why You Need a Full Stack Marketer (III)
24th Jul 2017
Considering the top 5 skills that a full stack marketer should have, it appears that marketing strategy planning and project management skills ...
Why You Need a Full Stack Marketer (II)
7th April 2017
In our previous post, we have covered where the term “full stack marketer” comes from and why this role fits for both big enterprises...
Why You Need a Full Stack Marketer (I)
5th April 2017
As digital marketing continues to evolve, discussion around “what a true modern marketer looks like” never fails...
How to Create Great User Personas for Your Product
31st March 2017
A user person is a comprehensive description of your ideal customer. It is a standard tool in practices like design realm and marketing field...
How to Make an Enterprise App Development Strategy
27th March 2017
Many corporate decision-makers regard the enterprise app as a strategic factor that exerts a particular impact on their business process and productivity...
Mobile App Development: Native Vs. Cross-Platform (II)
27th March 2017
iOS, Android, Windows, Firefox OS…so many platforms to choose from. But which one achieves your business objectives? Which one extensively drives your business value...
Mobile App Development: Native Vs. Cross-Platform (I)
20th March 2017
The discussion around whether native mobile apps perform better than cross-platform apps is ongoing for a while...
6 Critical Steps to a Compelling UX Design for a Mobile App (III)
16th March 2017
Capturing ideas, wireframing and prototyping are considered as the three major steps in designing a user experience for your mobile app...
6 Critical Steps to a Compelling UX Design for a Mobile App (II)
9th March 2017
In our previous post, we have covered the importance of UX design to mobile app development and introduced the approach to capture ...
Top 3 Data Visualisation Tool for Startups
7th March 2017
In our previous article, we discussed about the importance of Business Intelligence and why many startups have incorporated BI into strategic planning and daily operation process...
Why Business Intelligence becomes the Key to Business Success
1st March 2017
Business Intelligence is a concept involving data collection, organisation, analysis and presentation that is accumulated by a business. ..
6 Critical Steps to Compelling UX Design for a Mobile App (I)
14th February 2017
Creating a compelling design with a modified user experience should be considered as a necessary procedure before getting down to your mobile app development...
Adopting Agile Methodologies in Mobile App Development (I)
11th January 2017
Agile development is a general term describing various methodologies that are collectively in the agile manifesto...
User Experience: A Critical Pillar of Digital Transformation
3rd January 2017
In our previous post of digital transformation, we mentioned that user experience has been considered...
Three Questions to Ask before Starting Digital Transformation
30th December 2016
Digital transformation has remained the centre of the topic in the past one year. Ranging from big companies to small local businesses...
Top 4 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2017
28th December 2016
According to Statista, the number of apps available for download reaches 2 million on average in each leading app store as of June...
Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends for 2017 (II)
23rd December 2016
In our previous article, we have discussed about three crucial trends in digital transformation for 2017...
Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends for 2017 (I)
21st December 2016
Digital transformation reshapes the way we do business and this term should be definitely considered as the buzz words in 2016...
Five Tips to Reduce Your App Development Cost
17th December 2016
Developing a high quality app definitely requires much effort from the product team with a large amount of expert resources...
User Story Splitting in Product Development (II)
13th December 2016
We have talked about how to split bigger user stories into smaller pieces in agile product development process in...
User Story Splitting in Product Development (I)
9th December 2016
As user story serves as the basis for defining functions a product must have, it should capture both product features and how they add value to users...
Building a Minimum Viable Product with User Story Mapping
6th December 2016
No matter which minimum viable product type you are interested in developing, implementing user story ...
How Much Does It Cost to Build an MVP in App Development
2nd December 2016
For many startups, developing a minimum viable product is a good starting point which not only assists in...
How to Build a Native App with Xamarin. Forms
28th November 2016
In our previous article regarding the introduction of Xamarin.Forms, you may have already known what Xamarin.Forms is...
Three Mistakes to Avoid When Developing an MVP
27th November 2016
Building an MVP has become a mainstream in tech world nowadays, in particular, for those startups who are keen on ...
An Important Part of Lean Startup Methodology-Building Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
22nd November 2016
Lean startup methodology has been proved to be a scientific approach to creating and managing startups...
Three Keys to Harness Your Digital Transformation
6th November 2016
We are in interesting times that every CIO and CTO throughout the world is talking about going "digital", but the fact is that...
How Does Shinetech Europe Involve its Development Approach In Bespoke Software Solutions (II)
11th November 2016
We have introduced the first three steps of Shinetech development approach in our bespoke software development process...
Five Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Bespoke Software Development (II)
27th October 2016
We talked about common mistakes in bespoke software development that every organization always makes even if they work with the right solutions provider in our previous post...
How Does Shinetech Europe Involve its Development Approach In Bespoke Software Solutions (I)
3rd November 2016
As one of the most essential business segments in Shinetech Europe, bespoke software development service is something that we are very proud of...
An Introduction to Xamarin. Forms (I)
17th October 2016
When considering developing mobile apps, generally we will think of using Objective-C, Java and Swift these languages to develop...
How to Select a Trustworthy Software Development Partner
5th September 2016
As so many software development companies have flocked into the market, you have more choices ...
Four Benefits of Developing Bespoke Software (I)
20th September 2016
As software is constantly evolving, off-the-shelf software applications may no longer the best way to help you do the job that you need...
Four Benefits of Bespoke Software Development(II)
28th September 2016
We talked about the two major advantages of bespoke software development in our last post...
Why You Should Choose a China-based Software Development Partner
30th September 2016
China's economic progress lately achieved a visible milestone, as the International Monetary Fund recognised ...
Five Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Bespoke Software Development (I)
10th October 2016
Based on our clients' feedback, along with our past experience in bespoke software development...
The Art of Team Management
3rd March 2016
People sometimes think it is better to row the boat alone rather than have others help...
Mobile Application Localization Best Practices
6th May 2016
In today’s fast-paced world, users prefer a quick way to perform most of their tasks...


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