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Build an Online Learning Microsite for Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust serves local communities with a range of quality health services. With an aim of becoming a consistently performing organisation, the Trust is committed to providing the necessary education and development for all staff, which enables them to gain and apply the core knowledge and appropriate skills that high quality care demands. To fulfil staff learning needs for mandatory training compliance, this microsite serves as a central hub where staff can access the study guide and e-learning resources and take E-Assessment on any PC at work, home or on the go.

With a team of 1 on-site project manager, 1 front-end developer and 1 back-end developer, together with the efficient support given by our client, this microsite was delivered successfully in just 5 weeks. Our project manager shared her great experience and lessons learned in working in an Agile team during the project retro session.

Shinetech Software developed an Online Learning Microsite for Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust.

Three Key Takeaways in My LGT Microsite Project

1. Integrate to client’s team

Working on-site is a great experience for me. Compared with the previous projects I used to work on, I had more opportunities to do client-facing work and observe the product user behaviour this time. It also means that I need to integrate myself into the project team from the client end to provide support and coordinate with different team members from the client perspective in addition to ensuring daily deliverables within our development team. Integrating to the team is not easy at the beginning as I did not know any of team member, nor have sufficient knowledge about mandatory training subject matter at LGT. So, I focused my effort more on getting to know everyone and understanding the project background, the current problem and learning the technology infrastructure during the first week. Two essential contributors in smoothing the integration process are trust and transparency. Giving prompt response with possible solutions is highly appreciated across the whole team. Additionally, updating your daily report and even having a quick catch up during the lunch break will definitely help give your project stakeholders peace of mind. After all, keeping them informed all the way around the project not only enables them to have a holistic view of the project status, but also help them oversee any potential problem or issues that may occur in the future so that they can have a process in place in advance in terms of risk management and control.


2. Become a domain subject matter expert

Rather than purely keep an eye on the project timeline, quality assurance and client engagement, a project manager should also gain comprehensive knowledge in subject matter as the client does. It may sound a bit challenging for project managers as this requires them to learn and master something fast and apply the domain knowledge immediately to the project. There is no doubt that the domain subject matter expert from the client side knows way better than we do. We can also replicate the process by interviewing these domain subject matter experts and watch their daily routines. This is a continuing process and should not be stopped until the project is delivered. Another reason that I recommend becoming a domain subject matter expert for project managers is that this makes your client feel you are always on the same page with them and they reckon you don’t have any problem understanding or coordinating with them even if they involve other subject matter staff or use specific terms.


3. Stay agile

Proactive thinking is of great importance as this enables us to oversee the project and helps us avoid potential problems. Same as staying agile during the development process. In this project, our development team made a great effort to consistently deliver high quality results in each sprint. With fast responsiveness and the initiatives taken to fulfil client’s changing requests, the whole team still had an efficient control over the time and coordination in-between with an effort to deliver this microsite in such a shore period of time.

Our development team did a great job in this project and we recently received some extremely positive feedback from our client. I believe that this project won’t be successful without anyone’s effort. The microsite is live now, please take a look here:

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