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3 Key Digital Trends to Watch in 2018

Tapping into bright minds across all our product development disciplines such as user persona creation, product feature analysis, user interface design, user experience design, technology capabilities and bespoke software development, Shinetech is pleased to present 3 digital trends for 2018 in the second consecutive year. Working with many digital-first enterprises in 2017, the learning we could take from these digital transformation projects includes:

-> Continuous optimisation on customer experience by facilitating clear communication and well-designed user journey
-> Engage in customers with compelling content for digital experience
-> Utilise artificial intelligence/bots to drive digital experience
-> Switch from a data-driven approach to data-informed approach
-> Further invest in business process automation to reap the benefits of reduced cost and better allocation of the workforce

Selecting from a pool of 87 projects we have been working on in 2017, we believe that the following trends are interesting to look at and might become the top agenda for shaping the industry digital thinking this year.

Shinetech Software introduces three key digital trends in bespoke software development to watch in 2018.

3 Most Significant Digital Trends to Watch in 2018

1. Organizations committed to creating a compelling digital customer experience are prone to outperform their peers

According to Econsultancy’s 2018 Digital Trends Report, published in association with Adobe, top-performing companies are 50% more likely than their peers to ‘have well-designed user journeys that facilitate clear communication and a seamless transaction’ (69% vs. 46%). This should not come as a surprise as many companies become more focused on creating the right mix of technologies, skills and process which fit into the optimisation of digital customer experience. Digital customer experience can be defined as the complete set of interactions, engagement and experiential feelings that a customer has with a particular brand by using different touchpoint online. Research has shown that the improved customer experience will exert a positive impact on delivering better business performance. While the significance of customer experience is widely accepted, creating a compelling digital customer experience seems not easy. Companies are faced with ongoing challenges such as targeting the right customers at the right time; providing a consistent online experience across different devices or platforms; facilitating interpersonal communication by displaying the right message and the ability to delight customers in different touchpoint.


2. AI set to play a growing role in helping companies deliver more personalised experience in real time

Having generated a huge amount of media coverage and exposures in 2017, artificial intelligence is no longer a buzzword in 2018. Implementing artificial intelligence in marketing and customer service is a major focus for both top-performing companies and some innovative SMBs. From showing personalised content or making customized recommendations by targeting different user profile in real time, to using AI-powered chatbot to communicate with customers on a one-to-one basis, AI has already assist the companies in navigating themselves in digital world by helping them learn their customers progressively and facilitating deeper connection between companies and customers.


3. Invest in technology and content management to optimise the customer journey across multiple touchpoint

Technology, data and content need to work coherently for engaging customers in each touchpoint. Many of our clients are particularly focused their technology capabilities on creating business intelligence for their businesses, including understanding how to bring users on board, how users interact with the product whilst they are at different stage of a user journey, what concerns users when it comes to interacting with the product online and studying user’s preference on the content provided by the companies. The continuous investment in integrated technology across different departments is a reminder that those companies aim to create the best possible digital experiences by building a strong technology foundation, which ensures that the content, brand information and interactions are being harnessed as effectively as possible to the right user through the right touchpoint.

As one of the leading digital solution providers in the UK, Shinetech has rich expertise in digital strategy consulting, mobile app development and bespoke software development. We serve as a reliable IT partner to help our clients achieve their business digitisation. To kick off your free trail on the project, please contact us at+44 20 3170 8428 to discuss your project and let us know how we can assist you.

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